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Heidi Foy_white

My Story

Heidi Foy, the creator behind Bullfrog Creatives, is an absolute game-changer. With a rich history as a participant, staff member, and dedicated volunteer throughout the CNFR's time in Casper, WY, Heidi's drive to create opportunities knows no limits.

In the face of the unprecedented challenges of 2020, when the world seemed to shut its doors, Heidi fearlessly set out on a virtual recruiting adventure. She embarked on a mission to bring together college rodeo coaches and student-athletes from all across the United States, bridging the gap in a rodeo-less world.

Through countless conversations with coaches, parents, and student-athletes, Heidi's groundbreaking platform emerged, checking off all the necessary requirements for a truly revolutionary recruitment experience.

Team Roping_white

What's in a name?

Have you ever had that ONE horse? You know the kind. That once-in-a-lifetime horse. The horse that takes care of you in and out of the arena. The rider learns more from this horse than the horse learns from them. Life lessons that follow you even after your days of riding and rodeo are gone. Some people never get that ONE horse. Bullfrog was that horse for founder, Heidi Foy. Frog took Heidi to college and to compete at the CNFR, right here in Casper. And now, after our debut at the CNFR in 2000, it is only fitting that his legacy and my passion really get started with Bullfrog Creatives.